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    Cool House Design images

    Some cool house design images: Minterne House Image by ell brown This is Minterne House. It only dates from the early 1900s as the previous house on this site was demolished [...]
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    Government House

    A few nice house design images I found: Government House Image by D-Stanley The original design of Government House in Stanley was prepared by Richard Clement Moody, the [...]
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    bug of the day

    A few nice beautiful backyard images I found: bug of the day Image by urtica How long has it been since I’ve uploaded a stag beetle photo? Too long! Here’s a [...]
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    Red House

    A few nice house design images I found: Red House Image by Kotomi_ Famous as William Morris’ first house in Bexley Heath, Sussex. Designed by his fellow architect, [...]
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    Heller House

    Some cool house design images: Heller House Image by reallyboring Isidore Heller House (Frank Lloyd Wright, 1897) represents a turning point between Wright’s [...]